Rena Sinakin
Michael Chance
 (currently in production)
Rena Sinakin Angelina Ordine
 (currently in production)

 Rena Sinakin’s Production Philosophy

"I do not use pitch correction in my productions. I find the concept of pitch correction to be warped.  In my opinion a "singer" should at least be able to sing on key when recording and still possess the talent to reproduce the same magic when performing live. Although technology allows one to manipulate sound, it is my feeling that just because it is available, one should not feel that it is imperative to use it. Time is far better spent on finding genuine talents who don't require these tricks or suggest that you resort to this kind of subterfuge.

Keeping space in the balance of sound is important to my ears but growing less and less common in most contemporary music with the trend to over-compress the sound to fit the less audiophile-friendly formats of MP3's. Finding just the right fit to be able to accomplish both format friendliness and still making great sound remains high in my priorities.

Being sensitive to the Artist's strengths and visions remains a top priority when I approach a project. I want it to remain an enjoyable and rewarding experience for all involved, even after all the long hours and hard work involved in putting it through the machine, and to still reflect the personality, the feel and innate beauty of the artist and the music"